And Winter Came :
My! My! Time Flies! 2009 (digital-only)
White is in the Winter Night
2008 (digital-only)
Trains and Winter Rains 2008
It's in the Rain/Adeste, Fideles 2006
Christmas Secrets EP 2006
Sounds of the Season 2006
It's in the rain 2006
Amarantine 2005
May It Be 2006
  A Day Without Rain:
Only Time (Remix) 2001
Wild Child 2001
Only Time
Paint The Sky With Stars:
Only If...1997
 The Memory Of Trees:
On My Way Home 1996
Anywhere Is 1995
The Christmas EP 1994
The Celts :
The Celts1992
Shepherd Moons :
Marble Halls 1994
Book Of Days 1992
How Can I Keep From Singing? 1991
Caribbean Blue 1991
Exile 1991
Oíche Chiún 1989
6 Tracks 1989
Storms In Africa1989
Evening Falls...1988
Orinoco Flow
Enya :
I Want Tomorrow 1987


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